Yay! Our first award! Thank you so much to Goma and Sachie for this nice award (by the way, I love that blog :P)

Rules say "list six things that make you happy"; I have two cats, so I'm gonna tell what makes them happy:

1. Warm bed
2. Fresh water from the sink
3. Pate de Foié (or tuna)
4. Sleep on the human (that would be me)
5. The laser toy
6. Brushing time!

Now I have to give this award, but I don't have so many friends yet :( anyway, I give it to:

1. Anita
2. Mascotones (in spanish)
3. Gatota e Hija (in Spanish)
4. El Delirio del Lirium (in Spanish too)

Hope you like it!

And now, the cat of today:

From De Liruim, these are Pirincha (the little one) and Tigrita (the big one), two gorgeous females from Mar del Plata, Argentina. So Cute!!


  1. Gracias, muchas gracias. Me emocionó ver a mis dos bebotas aquí, jajá!
    Gracias por el premio, pronto lo postearemos.
    Un beso grande y mimos cosquillas de bigotes de Titi y Pirinchita.

  2. ¡¡Pero qué desastre de secretaria humana tengo!! Se olvidó de recoger el premio!!!! Pero esto lo arreglamos en un pis pas!

    Muchas gracias! Muahahahahahahá!