You gotta love this cute little girl. Her name is Chii, and she has her own manga and anime, called Chii's Sweet Home. The story is about how she gets lost; a family find her, and they decide to keep her.
It's one of the sweetest cartoons ever. You can watch it here on YouTube, or read the manga here, on OneManga.com


Purple Kitty

Another wallpaper, made by me :D (click on the image to download, 1600x1200px)


OMG! Crystal Cats!

As I saw it on CuteOverload.com, Swarovski presents the "New residents in Lovlots City: The House of Cats"; a lovely collection of crystal figures, all with their own name and personality :P

Please watch the video in their site: Link. It's so cute that almost die of love :D


Barcode Kitties!

BarcodeKitties is a cute place, where you can find this amusing kitties, all with something in common: Bar codes in their whiskers!
On their web, you can enjoy some games, see their products, and also download some wallpapers and icons.
Here's a few wallpapers, if you click on them you can download the big image (1024x768px).
I hope you like them!