This girl is also at the Ecologic Reserve, in Buenos Aires :)


Nom Nom Nom

This buddy is one of the "three guardians" of Ecological Reserve, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A nice lady provides them with food and love everyday.



Yay! Our first award! Thank you so much to Goma and Sachie for this nice award (by the way, I love that blog :P)

Rules say "list six things that make you happy"; I have two cats, so I'm gonna tell what makes them happy:

1. Warm bed
2. Fresh water from the sink
3. Pate de Foié (or tuna)
4. Sleep on the human (that would be me)
5. The laser toy
6. Brushing time!

Now I have to give this award, but I don't have so many friends yet :( anyway, I give it to:

1. Anita
2. Mascotones (in spanish)
3. Gatota e Hija (in Spanish)
4. El Delirio del Lirium (in Spanish too)

Hope you like it!

And now, the cat of today:

From De Liruim, these are Pirincha (the little one) and Tigrita (the big one), two gorgeous females from Mar del Plata, Argentina. So Cute!!



This little cutie is Acuarela, a female cat from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She must be 3 years by now, here she is when she was a little young kitten.
Her name means watercolor, in Spanish. We named her like that because she has all the colors of a calico, but they seem like washed, or wet painted in watercolors.
Adorable, isn't she?


Feral Cat

This guy is from the Botanic Garden, in Buenos Aires. There are a lot of feral cats living in that park. Luckily, some people and vets take care of them :)



This is Pipa, female. Her mom's name is Caio, and she lives in Bariloche, Argentina. Isn't she a beauty?


Chuky's Snout

Chuky again :)


This was Romeo, my mom's cat. Male, orange fur with some white stripes.
He is no longer with us, but we remember him with love... He lived almost 11 years, and he was like the king of the block, always fighting for his territory.
I think this was the last picture I took of him.

Morocho The Cat

This one is Morocho (well, his snout)
It's my other cat, also a male, and he is almost 2 years old. He's still a child, and he loves to play and sleep (who doesn't? hehe)
He is also at my place, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

More pictures of him: http://fotogatos.blogspot.com/

Chuky The Cat

This is Chuky. Male cat; he is 10 years old, and he is a spoiled child :P
My name is Laura, and I'm from Argentina :) this is the first post, and I don't have another kitties to show yet, so I decided to show my own cat. Isn't he beautiful?

You can see more pictures of Chuky here: http://fotogatos.blogspot.com/