This is Salem, a little kitten from Bariloche, Argentina.
Thanks to Silvia for sending this lovely picture! :)



This was Nikola, one of my cats. He passed away 3 years ago; he was only 8 years old but he was very sick :(
He was a fearful cat, because when he was a little kitten, a car hit him; since that moment, every sudden noise or movement scared him, all the time. But he was lovely. I still miss him :'(



This cute little baby is Cornflakes, one of the little kitties of Wellgarth, a friend from DeviantArt. Check out his gallery here, there's a lot of lovely pictures of cats and kitties! :)


Tuxedo Cat

I have this picture in my computer since a long time ago, but I can't remember who is the kitty, or it's owner... Anyway, I think it's really cute :P ...If you know the picture, mail me!


OMG! Tummy!

This beauty belongs to AragornSparrow, a friend from DeviantArt. Cat's name is Rocky, and they live in EEUU.
Please, feel free to visit her gallery, you can see lovely pictures there :D



I found this cute little kitty in CuteOverload.com, a place where you can find the most cute and beautiful pictures, to say "awww!" :D


Hide and Seek!

This is Floyd again, apparently playing hide and seek :P



This Himalayan beauty is Goma, Sachie's cat. His complete name is "Cozycreek Tiny Sesame Seeds Goma", he is 2 years old and they are from Burlington, VT, USA.
Goma has his own blog: http://mycatgoma.com/ this is one of my favorite blogs, there you can find a lot of funny pictures like this one here, and also more info about this lovely kitty.

Isn't he sexy? :)


Different Eyes

If you look carefully, you can notice that this buddy has one yellow eye and the other light blue...
He is one of the cats living in the Botanic Garden, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



This is Gatingui, one of my male cats. He is no longer with me, a few years ago he escaped and I never saw him anymore :(
He was a lovely cat :')



"Hey! What do you want!"
Violeta, a female cat from Buenos Aires, Argentina. :)



Mom and her little babies, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The kitties are three girls and three boys in total, and they are looking for a home!


This is Floyd, a 13 years old male who lives with Silvia, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She sent me the pictures of her beautiful partner by mail. Lovely!