Cat Objects

Today, some technological things with cat shape. I want them all :P Hope you like them!


When you die...

It's clear my friends... the moment you die, you see a cat:

In other news, be careful with your cat's tail... you don't know what's he thinking about...



Today I have for you this lovely page, BeKyoot.com, where you can find cute wallpapers and more! It's not only about cats, there's a lot of furry friends too. Here's a little example:

Hope you like it!


Cats from Buenos Aires

I think this guy needs to go on a diet... anyway, it's so lovely and friendly!

Not so far away from there, we have these ones, enjoying a nice afternoon on the park.


Stuffed Kittens!

Someday I will make my own stuffed kitten. In the mean while, I leave you with these, collected from the web n_n